For Your First Visit

Welcome to our practice! We appreciate the opportunity to serve your healthcare needs.  In order to provide you the most complete service at your first visit, please observe the following instructions:


  1. 1.    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time
  2. 2.    Please complete all of the forms under the FORMS tab and bring them to your appointment.
  3. 3.    Please bring your insurance card and photo ID so that we may copy them.
  4. 4.    If you have been referred for consultation or evaluation of an internal medicine or endocrine problem, please be sure your primary physician has sent us all the necessary records, including lab, Xray reports, and chart notes. We can serve you best , and we can avoid duplication of services if we have your records at the time of the office visit.
  5. 5.    Please bring all of your medications, both prescription and over the counter. We prefer that you bring the actual medication bottles.
  6. 6.    If you are diabetic, please bring your blood sugar meter and a list or log of your recent blood sugars.
  7. 7.    If you have high blood pressure and check your blood pressure at home, please bring a list of recent blood pressure readings.
  8. 8.    If you have had many surgeries or procedures, or if you have numerous medical problems, it may be helpful to bring a chronology of your health history.
  9. 9.    If you have many issues to discuss, please write down your concerns. Because of time constraints, it may be necessary to prioritize them.
  10. 10. In most cases we do not offer complete physicals or PAP smears on the first office visit.
  11. 11. Please call us ahead of your scheduled visit if you have questions.